Macklemore and the D.I.Y. Attitude

Often , we’re asked what music inspires us. Like, what bands we like and aim to craft our music after. Sure, there are tons of bands and artists that we love, aim to sound/be like, or draw our inspiration from. But I’ll tell ya, what really inspires me isn’t so much who or what influences us, but how  those people influence and inspire us.  So what? Let me explain.

What really inspires and fascinates us as a band is the proliferation of the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) attitude and spirit -Bands, Musicians,  and Artists who are creating, marketing, and distributing their art on their own, by their own means without the help of major label support or financial backing. The DIY attitude and method isn’t a new concept or practice. I would say that DIY is old school. Back then, it’s where bands, musicians and other artists had  to start- Independent recording labels, underground zines, word-of-mouth promotion, and hand-to-hand distribution- all ran and/or supported by ultra tight knit, intimate, local music scenes. Back in the day though, musicians would ultimately create enough buzz around those scenes, that they’d get the attention of major music labels and get signed, and ultimately famous.

In the 1990’s and 2000’s, the DIY success stories died down and were replaced by big label pop acts, picked from their scenes like ripe fruit from a tree. It seemed as though nothing went on in music without the involvement of major music labels.  Sure, there were “indie” music labels, but even these were usually subsidiaries of major labels.

Fast forward a few years and the scene is totally different. Now, propelled by advances in technology and social networking, as well as more affordable and accessible methods to record themselves,  musicians are now able to make their own music and release it on their own to a much wider audience than ever before. Many musicians are getting heard, getting seen, and getting noticed without major label backing than ever before. One act that really inspires and influences me are Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

Hip-Hop artists from Seattle, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have done it all themselves, without the help of any major label or financing. They have crafted their art, recorded their own music and videos, and have brought it to a wide audience, with much success- their new album, “The Heist” was #1 on iTunes recently. While some artists are taking advantage of the new generation of DIY technologies and methods to get noticed by major labels, Ryan Lewis and Macklemore are using them to sustain their careers, all while keeping creative control of their art-very inspiring! You can watch a video which explains it all a little better than I can, below.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are just one example, there are many others out there. What’s important and inspiring, is that in the music “industry,” success is no longer created, nor defined by major labels. Musicians are returning to the old-school DIY methods and attitudes to make their own music and careers and to make them much more rewarding.

So what do you think? Is the new-school DIY attitude just a phase? Or is it a viable way for musicians to get noticed and ultimately have a successful career? Leave a comment below!



The Free Pass

Welcome ladies and gentlemen. Today for your reading enjoyment I will try to persuade you away from the free pass.

What is that, you ask ? Well in some relationships people have a list of people they would have sex with, that are famous, and it wouldn’t count against you in your relationship. Except we all know it would, but we ll get to that. First lets appeal to logic.

Lets say you meet your celebrity-that grandiose number 3 on your list because 1 and 2 would never be seen without bodyguards- and you say to him/her, ” Its so good to meet you!” Then what? You could follow up with, ” I’m allowed to have sex with you!” and risk humiliation and degradation or maybe they ll go along with it. Which leads me to the next issue:

Anyone willing to have sex with a stranger has a higher risk of disease. So you get to do Megan Fox…but, oops! While she was trying to fill the vacuous Hole, which is indeed her soul, with your celebrity, which seemed like a good thing at the time- she forgot to tell you she has crabs! And she doesn’t have to tell you. Because your a stranger and she owes nothing to you. (Crabs disclaimer, Megan is only an example. I do not know if she has crabs). This leads to the next snowballing issue.

You just gave your husband or wife a case of David Hasselhoff’s bad decisions. Way to go. That’ll be a fun issue to work out in couple’s counseling. You won’t do the dishes? Why? Because I’m not David HasselhoffsoffsMeganFox and you love them enough that you gave me crabs???

And the last reason I implore to rid yourself of the free pass is a simple one. Celebrities are people. Generally they are emotional and dramatic, who have a hard time in their personal lives. Who wouldn’t when your pretending to be someone else to the point where you cry, scream, laugh and live as someone on a silver screen that we all watch and want to believe in? I know we all say that sex is just sex. But anyone who has ever been in love knows differently.  Just because someone is a celebrity doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings. I think sometimes we try to punish them for being famous or having money, so we feel its our right to degrade them. This is an important time in our life to separate fantasy from reality.

It’s time to love our families and love ourselves. Burn your lists and fight the good fight! Besides, what we don’t see on the silver screen or on stage is smell- Just ponder that for awhile. They’re busy. No time for showers. When we go on tour, I plan on every three day showers. Sniff on that.

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As you may have heard, we just released our very first recording! It’s a 5 song e.p. produced, engineered, recorded, and mixed by US! (With the help of our good friend, Mark Haake of Jaded52!) A lot of work went into this independent release, so needless to say, we’re very proud of it!

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Welcome to our official blog! We are Trinity Avenue- Peggy Simmons, Kenneth McKnight, Matt Everett, and Jason Hooper- a four-piece pop-punk rock band from Port Angeles, Washington. Our music is influenced by the likes of Tsunami Bomb, Rancid, No Use For A Name, and Social Distortion, among many others.

Since forming in early 2011, we have played many shows around the North Olympic Peninsula with many of our awesome friends, including The Estafets, Trioxin, Inside Defiance, and Distinction, with our sights set on reviving our local music scene! Over the past year and a half, we’ve had a blast playing the music we love and making new friends!

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